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PFI SWC5PA40P String Wound SWRO Filter Cartridge
Code : SWC540P

Deskripsi :

PFI SWC5PA40P String Wound SWRO Filter Cartridge  

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Description & Specificasi :

Polypropylene String Wound

Depth honeycomb structure, gradual pressure increase

FDA compliant media. Silicon contamination free

5 micron range, nominal ratings

Length 40 inch

Broad chemical compatibilities

Low TOC content

Free of foaming & extractable

Low possibility of surface blinding

Large retention capacities, extended lives

Change-out press differential 15 Psi, Max 35 Psi

Max. Temperature 80°C @ 10 Psi


PFI Polypropylene String wound cartridge filter is a kind of depth filter cartridge, which is made of the textile fabric string (polypropylene, absorbent cotton and so on) preciously winding onto the multi-hole axies according to the specific technology. It is ideal choice for particle removal because of high dirt holding capacity, which offers good protection for downstream membrane systems, it can reduce plant operation cost significantly due to long service life.



High dirt holding capacity

High contaminant removal efficiency

Wide range of size and rating

Perfect performance in different environment

Great flow rate and low pressure drop

High strength because of the inner core

Long service life




Chemical sovent filtration

Food and beverage

Power Plant

Drinking water treatment

Cooling water



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