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Cartridge filter 1 micron
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Cartridge filter 1 micron

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Cartridge filtration units generally operate most effectively and economically on applications having contamination levels of less than 100 ppm. For heavier contamination applications, cartridges are normally used as final polishing filters.

Wound cartridge filters:

Material: natural or synthetic yards, which are wounded around a central tube or former.

Filtration range: 0.5 - 150 micron

Length: 5-10-20-30-40"


Melt-Blown Cartridge filter 1 micron :

Material: one-piece cordless construction, consisting of pure polypropylene micro fibers, thermally bonded to prevent any fiber migration.

Filtration range: 1-75 micron

Length: 5-10-20-30-40"


Activated carbon Cartridge filter 1 micron :

Material: Polypropylene fleece and net, or washed polypropylene yarn or polyester felt filtering medium and granular activated carbon

Removal of: color, smell, taste contamination, pesticides, chlorine, organic substances.

Applications: Potable water, washing machines, anti-chlorine treatment in alimentary, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, pre-treatment for reverse osmosis units.

Filtration range: 1-25 micron

Length: 10-20-30"


PFI PP HL PM ML PS PX PA Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

PFI Melt Blown Filter Cartridge is fusing and intertwined of polypropylene resin without any chemical glues.The cartridges are glued at random to form 3D micro pore which will make the cartridge 3 layers with fine fibers in surface and coarse fibers and deep filtration. As the fiber and density form high filtration rating and pollutants holding capacity on diameter of filter cartridge, low pressure drop, gradual changing deep filtration structure with loose outside and close inner, strong pollutants holding capacity, it can remove contaminant effectively, such as suspended substance, particulate and rust, providing efficient filtration and long service life.



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