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Cartridge filters
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Cartridge filters


Kami adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier terlengkap menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part water treatment untuk keperluan industri dengan price harga terbaik


Cartridge filtration units generally operate most effectively and economically on applications having contamination levels of less than 100 ppm. For heavier contamination applications, cartridges are normally used as final polishing filters.

Wound :

Material: natural or synthetic yards, which are wounded around a central tube or former.

Filtration range: 0.5 - 150 micron

Length: 5-10-20-30-40"


Melt-Blown :

Material: one-piece cordless construction, consisting of pure polypropylene micro fibers, thermally bonded to prevent any fiber migration.

Filtration of: sand, scale, lime, rust, fine particles.

Applications: Water treatment, pure water pre-filtration, fine chemicals, reverse osmosis, sea water desalination, beverages, solvents, cosmetics.

Filtration range: 1-75 micron

Length: 5-10-20-30-40"


Activated carbon :

Material: Polypropylene fleece and net, or washed polypropylene yarn or polyester felt filtering medium and granular activated carbon

Filtration range: 1-25 micron

Length: 10-20-30"


Stainless steel :

Material: stainless steel filtering net with a polypropylene inner core.

Filtration of: sand, scales, rust.

Applications: drinking water, washing machines, boilers, pre-filtration for pumps, irrigation systems, protection of industrial systems.

Filtration range: 70 micron

Length: 10-20"


 PFI PS Series Spun-Bonded Polypropylene 


·         Manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene

·         Designed for purity and chemical compatibility

·         Spun fibers form a true gradient density from outer to inner surfaces


PS series cartridges are manufactured from poly spunbonded flter cartridges are manufactured from pure 100% polypropylene fbers. The depth fltration cartridge construction offers greater performance flexibility in a broad range of solutions.

In water applications, polypropylene media will not impart taste, odor or colors into the solution.

For industrial applications, polypropylene offers superior chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack. The thermal bonding process of the media eliminates the need for a core support while offering resistance to collapse. This process also greatly reduces fber migration.

PS Series cartridges are available in a wide range of lengths and micron sizes to accommodate a broad range of vessel sizes and applications.


Materials of Construction

Fiber Media Polypropylene Fibers

Temperature Rating 40–145ºF (4.4–62.8ºC)


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