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High Performance Membranes manufactured by Ion Exchange belong to the latest generation of membrane technology. Superior quality and decades of experience in manufacturing membrane elements make HYDRAMEM the favoured choice for all industrial, institutional and domestic applications.


Brackish water elements give one of the best in class rejection and at the same time provide optimum permeate flow. Its applications generation of drinking and high purity water as well as treatment of process and treated waste water.


Low pressure elements very low feed pressure. This unique feature ensures that an RO system installed with these membranes s far less energy and operational cost while treating low salinity water. HYDRAMEM low pressure membranes offer one of the highest salt rejection and at the same time achieve higher permeate flow.


Fouling resistant membrane (FRE) is designed to ensure high level tolerance to organic & inorganic impurities and biofouling. The unique chemistry enhances performance of the membranes which helps customer in treating tough/complex effluent.


Seawater Element (SWE) membranes, produce high-quality water and reduce over cost to the customer. HYDRAMEM SWE is a high-performance membrane which ensures product reliability and consistent performance thus meeting stringent water quality ments.


The benefits of HYDRAMEM SWE are as follows:

High NaCl and boron rejection to help meet the industrial ment and other drinking water standards

The active surface area which enhances productivity and operating flux

Extended membrane life expectancy

HYDRAMEM SWE are more rigid and may be cleaned over a wider pH range (1-13)


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