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AquaMatic K53 Series Composite Control Valves
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AquaMatic K53 Series Composite Control Valves

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The rugged AquaMatic K53 Series Control Valves are designed to handle deionized water as well as acids, caustic and harsh chemicals or gases that would rapidly corrode metal valves. These valves, constructed of corrosion resistant materials, have all the advantages of the AquaMatic K52 Series Composite Valves.

In addition, K53 Series Valves boast a number of additional added features. The valve body and cap are molded from glass-filled thermoplastic.


Typical Applications

·         Water Treatment Systems

·         Deionizers

·         Chemical Injection

·         Desalinization

·         Evaporation

·         Metal Recovery Systems

·         Process Water Systems

·         Mining Wastes

·         Level Control Systems

·         Fertilizer Spray Equipment

·         Electronic Industry

·         Detergent and Bleach Handling


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