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Aquafine GOLD L UV Lamp 1897711 for Standard HX Filter Indonesia  large2  
Aquafine GOLD-L UV Lamp 1897711 for Standard HX
Code : GOLD-L

Deskripsi :

 Aquafine GOLD-L UV Lamp 1897711

·         for Standard HX

·         254nm Disinfection Lamp

·         60 Inch Length

·         Gold Color


Lamps & Ballasts High Performance UV Technology

Aquafine UV systems are engineered to focus on the power of concentrated UV light utilizing one or several specially designed Aquafine  UV lamps,  recognized in the industry for unsurpassed performance and reliability. Aside from being environmental responsible, UV technology for water treatment produces no harmful by-products, imparts no taste or color and yet  disinfects water to meet the highest standards in a variety of applications.

Regular maintenance is essential in keeping your UV equipment operating at peak performance year after year. The best performance and highest reliability will be obtained by insisting upon genuine Aquafine UV Lamps.


Aquafine Colorguard UV Lamps

Field failure of lamps can go undetected, creating unacceptable bacteria counts and cause real problems. Aquafine’s record is unmatched. The percentage of genuine Aquafine UV lamps which fail is less than .05% and Aquafine Colorguard® UV lamps are exclusive to Aquafine, making mixing of different lamp types virtually impossible during change-out.

Specially manufactured with ceramic lamp bases, Aquafine Colorguard® UV lamps offer advantages over non-ceramic material such as greater high voltage electrical insulation, superior strength, rigidity, improved temperature tolerance and are impervious to UV degradation. Optional validated lamps are also available. A “Lamp Burn-In/Stabilization Quality Process” is performed for conformance to minimum required intensity values, individually challenged, traceable to a lot number and provided with a “Validated Lamp Test” certificate.

Aquafine patented socket lock design with a self-locking mechanism on the lamp base which centers the SE lamp within the quartz sleeve, making lamp change-outs easy. Reduced manpower, easier maintenance and enhanced performance of your water treatment processes are the advantages of upgrading with Aquafine’s patented Lamp Lok™ SE UV lamps.


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